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Suntek Window Tint in Nashville
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Automotive Window Tinting

Auto window tinting is much more popular in Cities Like Nashville, TN where the temperature generally is too hot to sit in your car without it. Some Nashvillians get their car’s windows tinted Because it makes the car look better, but the best reason for the car’s window tinting is to protect the cars interior from the harmful rays of sunlight. Auto Window tint also helps Lower the vehicle’s inside temperature in the summer, keeping the car cool and comfortable as well as improving the driving experience. Tint shops in Nashville that use Suntek, 3M, or Llumar Window Film will have the best results. 
Some People think window tint Will make you not be able to see at night. Using a Very High Quality Window Film like the Suntek brand will make it harder for people to see in, but still has a very clear view out. The Nashville government has made certain laws against tinting your windows too dark, so be sure to have a professional window tinter to tint your windows so they can make you aware of all local laws about the darkness of your tint. We have heard some tint shops in Nashville put the tint on the outside of the glass, and charged the guy for it. If the tint is applied on the outside surface of the glass, the film will get damaged by the outer harsh elements such as mud, smoke or anything else which is not good for driving hence in that the film may become useless by frequent damaging. Normal windows which are not tinted reflect just little amount of light such as 5% and transmit the 90% light inside the car and about 5% of the light is absorbed by the glass but using a good quality window tint can block as much as 30% of the light outside of the vehicle, making the vehicle cooler from inside. You should only let an automotive window tinter who is experienced in fine grade window film, like Suntek, 3M, or Llumar window tint tint your car. Since the amount of the heat and UV rays to be blocked totally depends upon the quality of the tint films. A Tint Job can only be as good as the product you use. At Car Cosmetics we Always use the Best Quality Window Tint from Suntek Carbon. You can call us for a free quote, or to make an appointment anytime at 615-859-4888