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Most car owners are not aware of the benefits of tinting their car windows. Most of the people live with the perception that tinting their car windows is only to keep the heat out which is only one of the reasons you should do so. However, there are a variety of reasons that make it a good idea for you to tint your car windows and that too from a reliable car tinting service.


We at Nashville Tint make sure that you get the best possible tinting done for our car windows in the budget you would want it at. With us, you won’t have to worry about being ripped off or getting the wrong kind of tinting done to your windows. Our technicians are extremely professional and are very experienced with providing the right type of tint based on the car type and your requirements.

The first thing we do is look at the make of your car because tinting for different cars costs different. The bigger cars need more film and that raises the cost of tinting. Many owners are not aware of this, some cars are harder to tint than the others and this also raises the cost of tinting them. Our technicians look at your car and the tinting requirement before they start with the work, they tell you how much it will cost and why so you can make an informed decision.

We also provide a variety of tint qualities that will suit your pocket. We understand that not all our customers may want the darkest shade of tint with the best quality due to various reasons and we are ready to provide with as many options as possible so that they can walk away happy and satisfied.

Many car tinting services do not make their clients aware of the shortfalls of the cheaper tints however, we believe in keeping our customer fully aware of what they are buying and our professionals share all the features of the chosen tints and let you know exactly what you are buying and the benefits and drawbacks of those so you know if you will incur more charges later by installing a cheaper tint now or if you should go for a particular tint based on where you stay and how much you travel; our technicians are trained to provide you with all that information to help you make the best choice.

Many of the car owners today don’t prefer to leave their cars away for a long time and we understand that, that is why we also offer pre-cut car tint kits that barely take any time to install and with our experienced technicians, it is a much faster process, we don’t just apply the tint, we also let you know how to maintain it to lengthen the life of the tint.

We understand that you would want your car to look the best, its interiors to be protected and the travellers are able to travel comfortably without doing too much damage to your pocket; that is why we offer a quote and explain everything to you before we begin so that we can deliver you a well tinted car and a smile on your face too.